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SerGIO Fertitta

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Valeria Jacob is a singer/ songwriter with Brazilian roots living in beautiful Switzerland.  Inspired by the R&B and pop-dance divas of the 80's and 90's, she’s bringing that sound back with a modern twist. Meaningful lyrics that meet with good feel melodies that will touch heart & soul at the same time.

Valeria Jacob has recorded and released music under different names and contributed to various projects in the industry with her soulful and powerful voice.

Her journey to become a household name in the so-called music business has begun. 

"Now is the time for a new & exciting adventure. Always real, always myself, no matter what I say, what I write, do, what I sing or what I rap," says Valeria Jacob.

The teaser for her new musical journey is provided by her first release under her new stage name Valeria Jacob with the title "Summertime is on" which she co-wrote with multiplatinum and gold producer SerGIO Fertitta. The song is accompanied by Dieter Meier's voice from the legendary group Yello.

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